The 5 Best "Dot Gov" Websites About American History

Published by James on March 26, 2010

While the average US citizen might be aware of the White House or IRS website, most Americans would be surprised by the tremendous information offered online by the US Government.  Whether you are a historian, student, or a curious citizen, the Federal Government offers a wide variety of websites on US History.  These sites have the full backing of the Federal Government and can be trusted to provide accurate information written by some of the country’s leading historians.  The five best “.gov” websites about American History are as follows:

1.  National Archives and Records Administration:  All historical research must be based on factual events, and such research is strengthened with the referencing of primary, or first-hand, eye witness sources. is a gateway to the Nations treasures, including the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, as well as military records and immigration records.  Whether used for browsing or scholarly research, the National Archives is an excellent look into America’s history.

2.  America’s Library:  Published by the Library of Congress, the website “America’s Story” takes a personal look at the history of the United States, focusing on the people that played a pivotal role in the shaping of the nation. Designed for a younger audience, the site tells stories behind the history, such as what Abraham Lincoln had in his pockets the night he was assassinated (a surprising and little known fact).  This site takes you beyond the textbook for a truly reviling look at the individuals that shaped American history.

3. Library of Congress:  The largest library in the world, the Library of Congress is America’s oldest cultural institution and serves as the resource for Congressional research.  Through its web portal, users can access millions of documents, photographs, and maps concerning every possible topic of American history.

4. is the official web portal of the United States.  This site serves as an excellent jumping off point to hundreds of government sites concerned with US History, including presidential history, historic documents, and historic landmarks.

5. is the nation’s doormat to the world, inviting users both at home and abroad to explore the history of the nation.  The site features “Outline of US History”, which provides a detailed chronological look at the nation’s development.  This site provides a wonderful overview of American history.

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