What’s the Average Salary With a Masters in History?

There are few things better than getting to study your favorite subject and loving the job you do; for history buffs a Masters in History offers a great opportunity to dive into the histories of the world and explore the past. And then when you’re ready with your degree you can actually look forward to earning a living working in cultural organizations and very often in cultured settings. You can work as a librarian, archeologist, teacher, archivist, political lobbyist, and researcher. A social scientist with a history major can look forward to a rich and rewarding career with reputed employers such as the Smithsonian Institute and Library of Congress.

A Master’s degree in History offers a good starting salary, the average being around $44,000. Of course there are many variables that will influence the salary you command once you complete your master’s in history. For example, if you have gained work experience in between your bachelor’s and master’s degree it will stand you in good stead when looking for a job. Employer type is a consideration; while the federal government is a big employer of students with a master degree in history, law firms and big private concerns are better paymasters. On an average, salaries for students with a campus degree are more than those offered to students with an online master’s degree in history.

Job type is a major factor; the US national average salary for a head librarian is an impressive $87,958. The average salary for a chief archivist is approximately $64,583. The construction business too pays handsomely for history majors to help them develop authentic period homes.

Opportunities for history graduates and Master’s degree holders abound and salaries are not a constraint for deserving candidates.

Top Online Masters Degrees in History and Humanities

Southern New Hampshire University
MA in History
MA in American History
MA in Military History
MA in Public History
Southern New Hampshire University – The MA in History at Southern New Hampshire University is a program that is highly customizable to help you meet your academic and career needs. This program is designed to give students an advanced understanding in professional areas of study which includes the global environment. You will develop the ability to analyze issues through multiple facets. You will also gain experience solving complex political and social economic problems through critical thinking.
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Norwich University
MA in Military History
Norwich University – You can gain an MA degree in Military History from Norwich University. A MA degree in Military History will allow you to explore the methodology and historiography of the military. Thoroughly examine the theoretical concepts and debates over the reasons warfare has always existed in history. You will differentiate between different historical interpretations and build on your ability to synthesize diverse types of historical knowledge.
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Liberty University
BS in History
Liberty University – Liberty University is one of the nation's largest providers of online education. The BS in History program is designed for those who seek a career as a K-12 teacher in Christian, public, and private schools. This program can be completed in four years.
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